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Young CEO fostering, excellent start-up company discovery program

The Busan Innobiz Center is a post-business incubation center established to discover and nurture excellent start-up companies.

Busan Innobiz Center announced that among these companies, DMEDI Korea (CEO Lee Dong-Hoon) and BICT Co., Ltd. (CEO Lee Ju-Han), companies that moved in through linkage recommendation after completing the 10th Youth Entrepreneurship Academy in 2020, are growing rapidly.

The Youth Entrepreneurship Academy is a project that has been implemented since 2011 with the goal of fostering innovative young CEOs who will lead Korea.

Founded in September 2019, DMedi Korea, which researches and manufactures life medical products, is currently selling bruxism prevention guards through major domestic markets in December 2020.

Based on the experience in the open market, it is located in Lotte Department Store and is preparing to enter additional home shopping, pharmacies, public health centers, and drugstores. In 2022, it plans to launch five new products.

It is expected to achieve sales of KRW 770 million in the third quarter of 2021 from KRW 230 million in 2020 and exceed KRW 1 billion by the end of the year.

Lee Dong-hun, CEO of DMedi Korea, said, "We will strive to become a company that is valuable to society, not a company that simply pursues profits, such as regular sponsorship for the Green Umbrella Children's Foundation."

BICTI Co., Ltd. was founded in January 2020 and is developing a drowning person location transmitter (Mayday). Acquired venture business certification, establishment of an affiliated research institute, ISO9001, and KC certification. In 2020 and 2021, it was selected for the Youth Entrepreneurship Academy and was also selected for the Entrepreneurship Growth Technology Development Task.

The maritime distress signal remote transmission device achieved 18 km of maritime communication through field tests by the Coast Guard and the Navy, and in 2022, products for the Coast Guard and Navy, small fishing boat supply business by the Ministry of Science and ICT, and Jeju-si autonomous maritime wireless device supply business, It is making efforts to preoccupy the market for drowning person location transmitters by pioneering various markets, including exports to major Southeast Asian countries.

Lee Joo-han, CEO of BICTI Co., Ltd., said, "We will do our best to advance the technology so that drowning accidents do not occur any more in maritime activities, especially in small fishing boats, which account for 79% of domestic fishing boats."

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