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During the 1+3 event to commemorate the new release of ‘Kyoyo S’, a mo…

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‘Kyoyo S’, a mouthpiece for preventing bruxism for sleep, announced that it is holding a 1+3 event to commemorate the release of a new product from the 3rd. During this launch celebration event, consumers can purchase the mouthpiece ‘Kyoyo S’ at a 68% discount. In addition to discount benefits, customers who purchase ‘Kyoyo S’ as part of the 1+3 event will receive one additional product, a thermometer, 4 detergent tablets, and a luxury washing cup as gifts.

Mouthpiece ‘Goyo S’ is a domestic bruxism prevention guard made with pure domestic technology. As it is put in the user's mouth, it was planned and made as a comfortable product made of slim and soft material to reflect the needs of consumers.

No matter how good the function of a mouthpiece to improve the habit of grinding teeth, if it is inconvenient to use, people will not use it. On the other hand, Goyo S is a product that focuses on comfort, so anyone can use it without any burden.

Adopted a curved design suitable for the tooth structure, and made it possible to mold it to fit the user's own tooth shape. In addition, 18 perforations are designed to allow saliva and air to flow inside and outside the bruxism prevention guard, so there is little foreign body sensation.

‘Koyo S’ is a mouthpiece that minimizes the pressure felt by users, and it seems that it can be used with confidence because it is a domestic product that is not lacking in all aspects of function, design, and safety. The safety of the product is also good enough that all items were judged to be non-detection after completing six major heavy metal tests.

Detailed product information and event information on ‘Kyoyo S’, an anti-brux mouthpiece, can be found at the Naver Smart Store ‘Brux Lab.’


Reporter Bae Jeong-hwan karion79@ksilbo.co.kr

Source: Gyeongsang Ilbo (http://www.ksilbo.co.kr)

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