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At the end of September, DIMEDI Korea announced that it launched a new mouthpiece, 'Quiet Sleep' series.

DMedi Korea, which obtained ISO 13485 for medical device quality management system and venture business certification, explained that it launched a new product as a result of establishing a company-affiliated research center in March of this year, expanding manpower, and striving for research and development. There are two new products, ▲Goyojam Soft Premium ▲Goyojam Premium, and the patented technology is reflected.

'Goyozam Soft Premium' is made to meet the needs of consumers who do not have severe symptoms or who value comfort due to its soft and soft nature. In addition, 'Goyojam Premium' features strong durability, and is suitable for patients with severe bruxism or consumers who prefer hard materials.

An official said, "Considering consumer demand, Lee Gali mouthpiece has been released in two lineups, soft and hard," and added, "Following last year's Lotte Department store, we plan to enter Hi-Mart nationwide in the fourth quarter of this year, so please pay attention." said.

Meanwhile, after moving into the Busan Innobiz Center in December 2020, DIMEDI Korea continues its stable growth under systematic support through the center's one-roof childcare system.

DIMEDI Korea launches mouthpiece ‘Quiet Sleep’ series for bruxism - Maeil Newspaper (imaeil.com)

Reporter Jeong Jin-wook Digital Daily jinuk@imaeil.com

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